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The MCCEE is now gone, but that means you have to study for the MCCQE1 instead. There are tools on the website to help you succeed. Check out the books section to get a jump start.


For the USMLE Step 1 and Step 2 CK exams ask me about the price due to the high demand.


I highly recommend Brock. He contacted me right away and was readily available. He explained information to me very clearly and went above and beyond to answer any questions I had. He also offered good study tips and realistic advice. Finally, his prices are very reasonable. Thanks Brock!

SL From Canada


1. Online Tutoring – you do not have to be in the immediate area. My partner and are not tutoring as often so we recommend this group: They charge more, but are good.

2. Guidance – we will show you what to study and what information is not necessary to know for the exam (but may be useful for your rotations!)

3. Content strengthening – we will help you find your weak areas and get them to the level you need them to be.

4. Q bank review – at ZERO extra cost to you we will review some of your toughest questions with you

5. Independence building – we will support you in becoming completely self-sufficient so you can learn how to study without out help!


6. Referral rewards - successfully refer a student to me and I will give you 20% of off tutoring for as long as you need it. For each subsequent person I will give you 25 CAD!


7. Plus more features here!

Medical School Statistics Rx: Statistics for the MCCEE and USMLE Exams by Brock Juffs

I am an IMG who is now a practicing family physician. I am originally from Canada and wanted to attempt the CaRMS match. This lead to me creating a study method for the MCCEE to achieve a score in the 99th percentile.


My background in teaching started in tutoring math and science to university students as well as teaching prehospital emergency care and CPR courses.


The vision of MCCEE tutoring services is to support Canadians studying abroad (CSA) and help international medical students (IMG) in there goal of matching in CaRMS by providing the necessary tools to score high on the MCCEE or the USMLE.


The aim is also to provide guidance on how to navigate the Canadian and US medical systems.

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