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Port Elgin MCCEE Tutor

I am a family medicine physician who studied abroad. I am originally from Canada and wanted to attempt the CaRMS match. This lead to me creating a study method for the now defunct MCCEE to achieve a score in the 99th percentile!


My background in teaching is primarily teaching prehospital emergency care and CPR courses.


I am the founder of the service but I have another tutor who works with me to help keep up with the demand and provide coverage for the Step exams.

​REMEMBER: You went to medical school knowing it was hard and wanting a challenge. Don't be afraid of the Canadian exams!

I used to be a CSA - a Canadian Studying Abroad - and I grew up near a small town called Port Elgin, Ontario. I am currently finished residency and am now a licensed family medicine physician.


I started this service to help those who wanted to match in CaRMS. I have heard many friends and colleagues say that trying to match in CaRMS seemed far too difficult; thus, many did not even attempt the MCCEE. They are afraid of the statistics that show that the mean is 271 and the average match score is 368.


I used to help people with that exam... it no longer exists and now the MCCQE1 is the exam you must pass. It is not just multiple choice, but a good score is achievable with similar study principles.

To achieve a great score you need the proper tools and how to use them. Q-banks are great, but you need to know how to properly read a question and know how to answer it. Keep in mind this is NOT the USMLE step 1. The question stems are shorter and more vague.


I will periodically post questions on my facebook page - that I make - to help show what the questions are like. I will provide answers but solutions are given only to those who use my services.


Being a former starving student I know how expensive it can be to have one on one tutoring. Right now my partner and I have decreased how much tutoring we do. Although more expensive, this group is very active and are very willing to help out:


They are a passionate group and do a good job.

I charge much less then most tutors out there and provide some unique services. Check out the features tab now and see more of what I have to offer and the first session is free. I only ask that if you cancel an appointment please give me at least 24 hours notice otherwise I may add a cancellation fee to the invoice (unless there are reasonable circumstances such as a traffic accident or power outage).

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