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This group now operates by providing affordable medical texbooks and meidcal tweets. Flexible schedule to give you the tools to crush the exam. USMLE Step 1 and USMLE Step 2CK online are in high demand so ask me about the current rate.

Below are the main features of the service.



You don't have to be in the immediate area to get help. We will be able to use Skype and other programs to make the sessions seemless and effective.


We don't just tutor the MCCEE. Contact me for information regarding how I can help you with the USMLE exams as well as how to properly read EKG's, interpreting heart sounds and more!

We have one book available currently on biostatistics.  This is an area of weakness of most seasoned physicians. It is interactive and makes math FUN.

There is an acid-base book in development as of July 2020. Will be interactive with plenty of practice questions so stay tuned!

We will take a problem based learning approach to your weak subject areas and build them up to the level you need them to be.


The content strengthening will be relevent not just for tests but also for your clinical rotations in both Canada and the US.


FREE!!! That is right. We will review some of your most difficult Q bank problems for free.


This also means we strongly recommend doing Q banks and practice exams if you can.


We will recommend certain banks if  you are unsure and show you how to use them for maximum impact.


For every person you successfully refer to me I will give you 20% off tutoring! The effect does not stack but it is lifelong. For each subesquent person I will give you 25 CAD!


I also will periodically offer have coupon codes with deal that will be announced on Twitter and/or Facebook so be sure to check them out!


We will show you what to study and what information is not necessary to know for the exam (but may be useful for your rotations!).

The MCCEE is much different from the USMLE. The question stems are shorter, more vague, and frustrating.


We will periodically post them and later the answers... full explainations for each answer are for those who purchase the service and are also FREE of charge!


We will support you in becoming completely self-sufficient so you can learn how to study without my help!

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