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841 Brentwood Drive

Port Elgin, Ontario


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I highly recommend Brock. He contacted me right away and was readily available. He explained information to me very clearly and went above and beyond to answer any questions I had. He also offered good study tips and realistic advice. Finally, his prices are very reasonable. Thanks Brock!

SL From Ontario, Canada


1. Online Tutoring – you do not have to be in the immediate area. My partner and are not tutoring as often so we recommend this group: They charge more, but are good.

2. Guidance – we will show you what to study and what information is not necessary to know for the exam (but may be useful for your rotations!)

3. Content strengthening – we will help you find your weak areas and get them to the level you need them to be.

4. Q bank review – at ZERO extra cost to you we will review some of your toughest questions with you

5. Independence building – we will support you in becoming completely self-sufficient so you can learn how to study without out help!


6. Referral rewards - successfully refer a student to me and I will give you 20% of off tutoring for as long as you need it. For each subsequent person I will give you 25 CAD!


7. Plus more features here!

Terms and Conditions

I only ask that if you schedule an appointment that you give me 24 notice (unless there are exceptional circumstances) to cancel an appointment. If this does not occur I will have to charge you a cancellation fee. Adequate reasons do not include you are studying or have a test because you have adequate time to decide if you need to cancel so I know I do not have to spend time preparing for you. This is because I normally do not charge for preparation time. I understand that all students may become sick, get stuck in traffic, or other circumstances.

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